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E-COIN is a decentralized & deflationary BEP-20 token that aims to be an online payment platform replacing conventional fiat currency through our integrated debit card.


💎 Holders 🙌

Thanks for supporting our project!


E-COIN FINANCE works by taking a 8% fee on every transaction. That fee is broken up into 3 parts. First, 2% will be sent to the expenses wallet, which will be for marketing and expenses related to the token.



We depend on Pancake swap liquidity pools to have a market and to guarantee it we will auto add 4% tax that will be used to add ECOIN and BNB back to the pancake liquidity pool.


Holders of our token can be rewarded simply by holding the token by 2% of every transaction, which is a form of in-wallet staking that does not require tokens to be locked.

Our dead wallet is like a holder, and it receives a part of 2% that is redistributed to all holders in every transaction but instead of keeping the tokens it just burnt it 🔥 automatically, which means we are a deflationary token.

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About the project

E-COIN FINANCE is a decentralized & deflationary BEP-20 token that aims to be an online payment platform replacing conventional fiat currency through our integrated debit card. People around the world will able to make easy, fast, and secure payments using your E-COIN balance. Besides that, you will watch your balance of E-COIN grow up by the reflections of each transaction.


We are also aiming to develop our own user-friendly wallet app where you can securely, store and exchange your favorite crypto’s. This wallet would show all transactions, balances, send, receive cryptos and all other information at your fingertips.


Put your trust in E-Coin and prepare for the greatest adventure of our lifetimes!


Whale protection

The tokenomics anti-whales system tax every transaction by 10% to assure that we won't have whales. Besides that, the max trade size is 0.5% of the total supply (1 quadrillion of ECOIN token).

Robot protection

This feature will prevent bots NOT to purchase tokens before anyone else when Liquidity pools are created. By default trading is disabled and you can see the contract before the launching.

No large team wallet

We’ve kept 2.4% from the all supply for each member of the team. Which is 1.2% of the public supply. That’s all. No large team wallet.

Giveaway of 1 BNB 🔥

Giving away 1 BNB to 1 lucky winner for each time we achieving $5 Million Market Cap. The results and detailed information will appear on our Twitter account.


We use Safemoon contract as a base but we removed several functions that served no purpose and fixed some security vulnerability, like the power to exclude addresses from getting rewards and also to not pay fees. They also have functions that allow them to update the fees. We don't need to renounce the ownership to give us all security you need. 🔐

Our contract is SAFE and it was hardcoded using the last version 0.8.4 of the Solidity.


Locked liquidity pool

As you may know, new crypto projects need to have liquidity locked in. And to earn your trust, we decided to LOCK the liquidity pool for 2 MORE YEARS to ensure the tokens will not be dumped. We locked the liquidity pool on DxSale, which is one of the best for liquidity locking.

No Rug-pull. 🔐

How To Buy E-Coin Finance


Fasten your seatbelt and let's earn the world.

Phase 01
Website launch (done)
Social media up and running (done)
Launch on Pancakeswap, no pre-sale (done)
LP Locked 2 more years (done)
White Paper (done)
PancakeSwap ICON add (done)
BlockFolio request (Holders UPVOTE)
Phase 02
Setting up Airdrops (done)
Coin Market Cap listing (done)
Coin Gecko listing (done)
Initial marketing (done)
Token info and logo on BscScan (submitted)
Phase 03
8 million market cap
First exchange listing (done) (CircleEx)
Registered E-Coin Finance LTD in the UK (done)
New exchange listing (done) (IndoEx)
PooCoin Ads (done)
Marketing campaign (working on it)
Smart Contract Audit
Phase 04
10 million market cap
The team will appear in public
AMA (Ask me Anything)
Two exchanges listing 🔥
Starting big project
What's next?

This is just the beginning, isn't the end.

We are working so hard to achieve all our goals and when it's done we will update our roadmap with new bigger goals and also listing ECOIN in a couple of new exchanges.


    1. Download Trust Wallet from Google Play or App Store;
    2. Open Trust Wallet App and create a new wallet;
    3. Purchase on Binance (BNB or BUSD) Tokens and send them to your BSC address on Trust Wallet;
    4. Tap on DApps tab on the bottom, and find "PancakeSwap";
    5. Click on "Select a currency";
    6. Enter this contract address: 0x4cbdfad03b968bF43449D0908f319Ae4A5A33371
    7. It will load ECOIN token into PancakeSwap. Click ADD and then click on the token name;
    8. Set the amount of ECOIN you'd like to purchase, and set slippage to 12%;
    9. Then press "Swap" and enjoy your trip to the space!

    How To Buy E-Coin Finance

  • The slippage would being too low or not setting the ECOIN amount to a round number. Contact us on any of our social platforms if you have any problems.
  • No, not at all, just hold it in your own wallet and you'll receive reflections from each transaction.
  • This is a public wallet and you could check it any time, but it is managed to the DEVs. Every time you buy or sell 2% of every transaction will be sent to this wallet. It will be for marketing, promotion and expenses related to the ECOIN token.
  • We decide to create this token for the world, not for us. We are breaking the lack of transparency present in other DeFi tokens. We can't share more detais about it for now, but stay tuned in our social media and on our roadmap above, which we will be fulfilling over the remaining year of 2021.
  • We burned 60% of the total supply after launch, Besides that, Tokenomics keep burning tokens in all transactions. No more burns are planned currently, but sometimes we do it.
  • We have thought a lot about, and we decided that the team will appears in public when we get 10 million market cap.
  • You can ask us your question on Telegram or Twitter. We truly would love to hear from you.